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Materials Laboratories

We can work with you to characterize materials and processes for advanced materials, helping you to develop processes and standards to evaluate new materials.

Vibrant’s resonant ultrasound spectroscopy tool, RUSpec provides material laboratories with a highly accurate means of determining elastic moduli for small, regular geometry samples. All the elastic moduli of low-symmetry solids can be found using a set of the low-order resonance frequencies and an iterative analytic model.  

RUSpec can be used on precisely prepared:

  • Cylinders
  • Paralellepipeds
  • Spheres

Materials may be metals and alloys, ceramics, crystals, described by one of the following crystalline geometries:
Isotropic (2 degrees of freedom)

  • Cubic
  • Hexagonal
  • Tetragonal
  • Orthorhombic

The user provides the system with estimates of the independent Elastic Constants (C11, C44, etc.) for the appropriate crystalline geometry, and models are iterated with measured data to determine the best fit material properties for the measured sample.

Resonance measurements of components with more complex geometry can also be used to evaluate component consistency, perform incoming material inspection, and support proof (destructive) testing programs.