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NDT that Supports your Bottom Line

For Your Industry

PCRT is NDT for the bottom line. In the new world of performance-based maintenance and soaring liability costs, you can’t afford to prematurely replace good parts or to leave an aging part in service past the end of its useful life.

For Component Manufacturers

PCRT is a cost-effective solution to many of your in-process and final inspection needs. With a full understanding of your normal process variations, Vibrant’s technical staff can develop a rapid and effective testing program that accurately detects unacceptable process variation, resulting in higher production yield and lower incidence of field failures and customer reject components.

In addition to the direct service for new production components, in many cases, Vibrant will be able to provide OEMs with progress feedback from field inspections of components in service with your customers. This data can be invaluable in monitoring the long-term effects of process changes and can provide early warning of components failing to meet design life goals in the field.

For Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Companies

Using PCRT, you can rapidly screen your components for gross defects such as cracks, fatigue, and overheat before you subject the components to the expensive and time consuming cleaning, stripping, and NDT processes. Finally, you can remove beyond economic repair (BER) components without spending more money on them.

Verify the structural integrity of new and used components when you receive them, by using PCRT. This will reduce the cost of warranty replacement, and reduce the likelihood of catastrophic field failures and aircraft on ground (AOG) events.

PCRT can track your components by serial number throughout their life, no matter when or at which of your facilities they are inspected. This history allows you to get the maximum life out of each part, while simultaneously reducing the likelihood of field failures.

For Laboratories

The Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy (RUS) capabilities in PCRT offer a unique window into the properties of laboratory material specimens. Using Vibrant’s RUSpec technology, the engineering material properties like Young’s Modulus and Poisson’s Ratio can be determined from measured resonance frequencies. Broadband resonance data can track the accumulation of creep, mechanical fatigue and thermomechanical fatigue in sample components.  Resonant frequencies can also be used to characterize properties like grain orientation in crystalline structures and porosity in advanced ceramics.